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I never did get into pantomimes And I was taken to quite a few Let me tell you When I was a child For entertainment purposes Apparently But the fact is I found them freaky And that almost compulsory Audience participation… Even as a child I couldn’t do it But …

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The poison Seeps through the veins Of what you thought was the love Holding you together Until, bit by bit It consumes everything Swallowing up memories Swallowing up the future The poison Masquerading as love Desire, need, obligation Devours who you thought you were Dialysis, Or live with the poison? …

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Suck it Suck it Suck it Keep going Suck it dry Until there’s nothing left Drill for oil Here…. There… Everywhere Until you hit the liquid gold But that runs out too The glint of a diamond Among the coal Greedy hands grab it Hold on for dear life You …

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