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Fragmented thoughts

Twisting, turning Multiplying Make sense Just for a minute Then disappear into the ether Over and over and over Again Where’s that butterfly catcher gone? But these thoughts Resisted being caught Instead Haunting dreams Haunting meditation Haunting life The stories not complete yet They said Time and time again There …

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Quote for the day…

‘Hindsight. (If you choose to acknowledge or focus on it). Should only ever be seen as a teacher, and opportunity for growth, and to maybe do things different in your current life. It is not something that you should beat yourself up about (there are usually plenty of others who …

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Tender affection

Brushing the hair Out of your eyes A gentle stroke, On the shoulder Forehead Thigh Anywhere really… Letting someone cry Holding and being held The looks that say You’re ok It doesn’t matter You mean something. To me. Not being judged Just being loved And cared about Soothes Tired, and …

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