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The fool

Everyone loves The fool Their enigmatic powers Can draw everyone But the surliest in They make life look so entertaining That the audience wishes they were them The things a fool can get away with Which ordinary people don’t feel they can Allows for a vicarious living in a short …

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Bits and pieces


I look around me now. Boxes out, and overflowing. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I signed everything over to him, because he wanted it, and I didn’t care, I just wanted to be free, and to enable my children to still maintain a life in our community …

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Q & A Insight

Q & A Insight

Woman 1: How do you give a really good blow job? Woman 2: Don’t follow any rules, explore, have fun, and take note of how the penis in your mouth, and the person it’s attached to, reacts to different types of stimuli. If you’re loving what you’re doing, there’s a …

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