I have been cleaning out my cupboards (literally and metaphorically), and I’ve discovered that I’ve amassed a unique collection of clothing. Each piece belonging to a past lover who had a significant impact on my life – some good, some bad. It’s like a collection of strange mementos all scattered on the floor around me now. Each one is a piece of upper body wear; I have been left with pullovers, jackets and shirts; and each still carries the faint scent of it’s original owner.

There’s no startling revelation with this one, no complex theory, it’s just an interesting and slightly bizarre observation. I wonder why it happens? Maybe they each wanted to leave something with me so I could wrap myself in the memories of being with them, if I ever so choose? Or maybe it’s a primal territorial act, leaving their scent and clothing to remind me of what they once were to me.

I honor the memories, but I can feel an op-shop run coming on…

– Judi Reed, 2012