So often we miss them, we don’t meet them, we don’t talk to them, and we don’t see or hear them because we’re in our own worlds, and we miss out on so much. I’ve had this experience before but it is affecting me more strongly today, when people are suddenly gone, and you think, learn and know, that you wished you’d had the opportunity to connect with them, and, this is what I keep coming back to thinking about right now.

A woman died a few days ago, unexpectedly, at such a young age. I did not know her personally, but I know others who did, who are feeling that indescribable pain of loss. And I’m almost ashamed to admit, that I was not connected with this woman, and had no knowledge of what she did, or stood for, and achieved.

I did not get to meet this amazing women. I knew she must have been amazing and talented from what I know of the people who are mourning her absence. And, it has only been through that occurring that I have read, a lot, about her. And I can see she is a woman I would have admired and respected and wanted to know, but I never did.

A quality person, and there’s no doubt about it, has been lost, and I, now getting to know her purely through the tributes, has taught me that she is a person I wish I had have known, and been friends with. She was kick arse in what she did, what she wrote, and what she stood for. I wish. I had had the opportunity to know her, support her, have a drink, talk with her, and discuss stuff with her. Kat, I wish I had’ve had the chance, or had made the effort to meet you, and maybe I could have helped, because you, are one amazing, talented, and gutsy writer, and person. And I’m sorry I never met you, or could be there for you. You sound like a soul I would have loved to connect with so much.

You are missed by the unknown as well as the known.

With love, and regret.