Distinctly Female (the original blog) was born in 2012 in response to what I felt was a need to have honest, female voices heard. It was designed to provide a forum of open, honest, expression from a female perspective on topics ranging from sexuality, emotions, relationships, and everything in-between. It’s a no fluff enterprise, providing an authentic forum for discussion and expression in the form of poetry, prose, short stories, quotes, erotica, opinion pieces and anything else that comes to mind. Pieces from Distinctly female have been syndicated and have appeared in a variety of other media outlets, and if you are interested in publishing any of the pieces which appear on here, or require custom pieces of specific topics do please get in touch. The ethos behind Distinctly Female and the variety of content covered, has grown from strength to strength in response to the publics demand for this style of work, showing that this is what many people want to read, and need to read for entertainment, education, and as a guide to find quality resources and products. Please note: not everything that appears here will appeal to everyone, however covering a diversity of topics is extremely important to reflect the diversity of peoples tastes and needs, so please, browse, and enjoy as you choose.