I have been many things in my life; an advertiser, a marketer, a community worker, a clinical masseur, a counselor, a domestic violence support worker, a scholar, a writer and a performer, an activist, an advocate, a wife (for a few years), a mother, an explorer and an adventurer.

And I now draw on the extensive skill base I’ve attained, my colorful range of life experiences and my broad knowledge base (one that is, as always growing, as am I) for my writing and performance activities.

Having had a strong interest in reading and an urge to write from an early age, I wrote my first short story titled ‘The Snail That Lost It’s Trail’ (complete with water color illustrations) when I was in primary school, with my focus moving onto poetry and short stories in my teenage years. As life moved on, and I moved into advertising, marketing, and community service work, and academic pursuits, the creative side of my writing took a back seat for many years.

When studying psychology with a co-major in sociology I developed a passion for academic writing and research, a passion I still have, however several years ago the tug of creative writing started pulling on me again strongly. While studying my key areas of interest were around research, psychology, psychophysiology, neuroscience, cognition (for which I received the top student award), and feminist sociology.

Women’s issues have a been a common thread throughout my work and academic history, not just the body, but our emotional selves, sexuality, and how women are portrayed or indoctrinated in a variety of ways about how they should feel about themselves and behave, built on what has primarily been a patriarchal framework.

Challenging these beliefs and this dominant voice regarding Women and women’s issues became the natural focus of my creative writing, leading me to set up the previous blog Distinctly Female – to highlight a different perspective and a different voice – a female voice, in relation primarily to women’s sexuality and our relationships with ourselves and others. This small, experimental, beginning of writing a blog with this focus, has evolved organically in the most wonderful way, enabling me to now cover a more diverse range of topics in a variety of different styles and mediums. The response has been a strong one, indicating a serious need for this type of material to be accessible to both women and men, and it is one of my greatest pleasures to now be working in this field and contributing to strengthening women’s experiences, voices, and desires to be heard and expressed.

So that, in a nutshell, is Judi Reed.

And I’m excited to welcome all who choose to join me on this journey.