I will admit, I’ve had a love/hate (well ok, that might be a bit strong, like/dislike) relationship with Baileys. I love the taste, but I’m not full on into sweet stuff so drinking it neat over ice was always a challenge. A bit like when you get a craving for pavolva, but then after one bite you think, can I really eat it all, because I already feel a bit ill from the sweetness…

Anyway, that’s the preface for this review. So, understandably, taking that into account, I got quite excited when I saw a Bailey’s Salted Caramel…maybe my problems were solved…I loved salt, and I loved Bailey’s, so this would maybe solve my problems – the salt surely would cut through the sweet wouldn’t it?

And it did, to a degree, the flavour was beautiful, but I had to wait for the liberal amount of ice I’d put in the glass to melt to avoid that feeling of sickly sweet overtaking me. OK, so now I might not have liked it neat, but I did put my mixology skills to use, and oh wow, made the most perfect cocktail, where the balance worked perfectly (I mean I wasn’t going to let the rest of the bottle go to waste was I !).

Soooooo, my recommendation for drinking pleasure from this delightful concoction, is to mix it, shake it, stir it! So Judi’s serving suggestions are as follows…Fill, and I mean really fill, like to the brim, a tall glass with ice, then, fill the spaces with approximately (free pouring is fine, no need for measuring) 1/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Baileys salted caramel, and 1/3 low fat milk – mix well with your desired mixing technique – shaken or stirred – and you have the most divine adult milkshake ever!

– Judi Reed, 2016