Okay, are you ready? Remember, you promised…you must do exactly what I say…and you must not touch me without my permission, otherwise I will stop…

It is very important that you follow these rules.

Next Wednesday you are to come to my house, you will enter and I will allow you to kiss me, but only briefly…I will have music playing, the scent of jasmine will be in the air, it will be a little humid.

I will be wearing a figure hugging little black dress, which crosses at the front, revealing just a hint of cleavage, and clings to my body, accentuating the curve of my breasts and of my buttocks, and black stockings. You will want to touch me – to cup my breasts in your hands and to squeeze my buttocks as you try to draw my hips towards you – but you are not allowed to do this, you are not allowed to touch me, you can only look.

As it’s so hot, I am beginning to feel a little uncomfortable in my dress so I ask you to sit down and watch while I take it off. As I slowly slide the hemline of my dress up my thighs, you notice that there is a band of more intense blackness as I near the top of my thigh, followed by a glimpse of pink satin ribbon. Almost before you have time to register this, you realise that the ribbon is attached to the black elastic of the suspender belt holding my stockings up. The blackness looks stark against my creamy white thigh, but as your eyes travel further up, you realise that this effect is softened by the pink satin of the suspender belt and knickers with black lace trim.

You desperately want to touch me and help me finish taking my dress off, but you can’t, this is not allowed, you must sit and watch, as I reveal my smooth midriff and a pink satin and black lace bra that matches my knickers and suspenders. Now that I am cooler, I kiss you. A long slow kiss, you start to kiss me back, but as soon as I feel your hands on my body I stop, that is breaking the rules, and I have things I want to do with you before allowing that.

I take your hand and I walk you to my bedroom. As it is so hot I ask you to remove your top and lie down on your back. Now I straddle you and your pupils dilate with desire. I reach for my massage oil as I want to feel your body under my hands, I want to get to know all parts of you. I begin massaging you, I feel your body – hot and slick and I love the feel of your skin and muscles as they respond to my touch. But then I feel your hands come up to cup my arse on one side as your fingers start to slide under the elastic edging of my knickers on the other. I have to remind you of the rules and tell you to stop.

You do not say anything, you just remove your hands and look at me, eyes filled with desire. As I have been rubbing oil into your chest, my cunt has been gently rubbing your crotch and I can feel you getting harder. As you get harder I feel your body temperature rise, so I stand up and open the door to let a cool breeze in to temper the heat. This does not seem to be enough though, so I remove your pants as well. You ask if you can touch me, but I say no, there are still things I want to do. You tell me there are things you want to do too, but I remind you that you agreed to do exactly as I say. You remember this and want to honour this agreement even though you know it is leading to such a build up of desire that, without release, is almost unbearable.

I straddle you again, and massage you a little bit more, but my cunt rubbing against your hard cock is making me aroused too, so I kiss you on the mouth, on the neck, on the chest, which increases my desire and the heat between my legs, I want to touch more of you, to taste more of you. so I shift my position and slowly move down, gently sliding my moist mouth over the very tip of your cock. I hear you moan, quietly, this encourages me to slide my mouth down further over the head of your penis and down the shaft until my mouth is filled with your pulsing heat.

I hear you ask…please, can I touch you now? But no, you can’t, I have not finished yet. I start to move my mouth up and down, savouring the taste of the precum that has already been released. This taste and sensation takes me to a place which is now beyond my control. I have a desperate need to fuck you, to feel you inside me. There is no time to properly undress, no time to remove my knickers, so I slide them to the side and slowly lower my cunt onto your cock. You groan, I sigh as I feel you filling me. I feel your hands on my hips as I start to move, this time I don’t tell you to stop…now you can touch me….