Okay, I’m going to be completely upfront here (because, let’s face it, we’ll be getting to the back soon enough), I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! And I’ll even go so far as to say that The Fundamentals of Fabulous Anal Sex by Nikki Blue is one of those trail-blazing books on this subject.

Okay, so have I set the scene well enough? Yes, I think so…

Although attitudes towards anal sex in todays society are slowly changing (And BTW take your arse action slow is one of they key pieces of advice in the book), it is still a little shrouded in mystery and taboo causing some people, both those who engage and those who are curious, to feel a degree of embarrassment or uncertainty around this kind of play. And this is where Nikki’s unique writing style, and informative guide come to the fore.

Nikki Blue takes this sometimes uncomfortable subject and opens it up in an accessible, frank, and easy to understand way, taking some of the mystery out of what can be an incredibly pleasurable act. Through open discussion, hilarious anecdotes and a wicked wit, she highlights and educates about the many delights that can be enjoyed from a bit of bum action.

But, you will not only be informed, you will also be entertained; with phrases such as ‘Like vaginas and snowflakes, every asshole is unique.’, chapter headings such as ‘Tushy Toy Tutelage’, and seriously, who wouldn’t be intrigued to find out what Nikki means by a ‘butt rocket’…I can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to want to put this one down once you start reading.

There is definitely huge reading value in The Fundamentals of Fabulous Anal Sex for anyone who has an interest in, or curiosity about, this form of sexual expression, from those who engage in arse play regularly to those who are only familiar with the term ‘anal sex’ and nothing more.

And for those of you in the latter category reading a book like this is the perfect starting place, or if it’s something you’ve been discussing with your partner, but haven’t quite yet got around to experimenting with for whatever reason, this could be a great book to read together, to open up the dialogue about the potential of a bit of butt action and incorporating a bit of bum bliss into your relationship.

If there was ever such a course to be offered as anal play 101 – this would have to be the text for it!

– Judi Reed, 2013

Nikki Blue is the co-founder and sex-positive blogger at Vagina Antics with her best friend, Heather Cole. She identifies as a BDSM switch and is a fervent anal enthusiast. When not writing for Vagina Antics, Nikki avoids Walmart, struggles with college math, and makes bad parenting choices while trying to build her writing career. She is a contributor to SexIs Magazine and is currently writing her memoir turned Young Adult fiction turned BDSM erotica novel turned New Adult fiction, um, memoir. She loves baking, Motley Crüe, and is an avid alligator watcher.

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