The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd Edition (2006) by Tristan Taormino. Published by Cleis Press Inc., USA.

Let me start by saying, that although the title implies that this is a book for women, I think it’s so jam packed with useful information and candid insight, that anyone, regardless of gender, who has an interest in anal play, from the curious to those who already enjoy anal play in their intimate lives, will find this an extremely informative and fascinating read. And if you’re in a relationship, it is definitely one of those books that you can enjoy reading together.

Unfortunately many women I’ve spoken to over the years have had bad experiences with anal sex, and developed valid anxieties as a result around this form of sexual expression. These often involve concerns about safety, pain, and feelings of degradation, and the subordination of women. If this applies to you, or to anyone you know, then this book could be a very useful resources in helping to gain an understanding of the essential elements for a positive experience, and how to avoid a negative one if you ever choose to venture into that realm again. Because Taormino’s loud and clear take home message is, if it’s not feeling good and comfortable for everyone involved, then it’s time to stop.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd Edition is overflowing with extensive information on social, emotional, physiological and practical aspects of anal play, which guide the reader through the process of making a bit of butt action, the most pleasurable (and safe – emotionally and physically) as possible for everyone.

She opens with a comprehensive guide to the physiological elements, explaining the ‘why’ behind different types of stimulation, and how they have the ability to induce so much pleasure (or if not approached properly, potential pain, discomfort and anxiety). This section comes complete with diagrams as she discusses the relevant nerve endings, muscular structures, and special internal spots that can make this area of the body such a pleasure center.

Through the use of scientific fact, and anecdotes, Taormino then draws on this physiological base to discuss, in a step by step, and an extremely accessible way, the essential elements required to make this activity as full of enjoyment and fun as it can be. This includes preparation for any form of anal penetration, the level of communication and sensitivity of both you and your partner, and the ‘stop’ signs to look out for from your own bodily reactions and those of your partner, that indicate you should pull back and regroup, before continuing.

Once this essential basis has been established, the reader is then taken on a fascinating, and delightful journey through the plethora of possibilities and techniques that one can use. She has included diagrams and descriptions on a variety of positions, different types of toys, analingus, anal play in BDSM relationships, butt bondage and fisting, all along the way discussing the pros and cons and providing useful tips for each activity.

So, if you’ve been looking for an ‘everything you ever wanted to know…’ reference on this subject, this really is a must have for your bookshelf (or under the bed, if you prefer a little privacy J).