Fucking bullshit
I fall for it,
I believe it
If I care
I see someone through my eyes

But my vision is crap
That’s why I wear glasses
But they don’t help much
When it comes to bullshit

Like a little lamb
I meekly follow
And believe what is said
Sometimes against what
My gut
Is telling me

And then
I find myself in fields
Of manure

Wading through it
Trying to find my way out
Still looking for those
Markings of roses

But eventually
I find,
That I’m just in a field
Which Stains me

No more
No more
No more
I’m not going to plough those fields

They age me
They tire me
And they hurt me.

And like most people
I have feelings
That are important to me

-Judi Reed, 2016