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Erotic (loss)

The loss Of my eroticism Is hard, and harsh When it happens I know Regardless of my level of conscious denial I am, in, a very Very Bad way Because it’s always the last thing to go The numbness The not being able to feel The disconnect between myself And …

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Those moments

I used to think everyone had them Now I don’t Now I know they don’t. Because some lack the capacity Are devoid of such visceral depth of feeling And others are too distant from themselves To feel them Those moments When a thought, a feeling Permeate your entire being Take …

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Rain dappling my window. The yellow streetlight making it look like gold dust. The smell Speaks of rebirth And growth And then It stops, so quickly Too suddenly. I need it And wan it To help repair What has become cracked dry, and jaded. – Judi Reed, 2015

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As I run my fingers Through your hair I wonder Whether when I reach the tips… If I should let them slip gently through my fingers Or curl my fingers in your hair At the base of the skull And give a sharp tug. To release tension at the roots …

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Sifting Constantly sifting. As I work, winds blow and the particles keep moving And I don’t know Anymore What I’ve already explored As my surroundings keep changing Micro inspecting Is exhausting enough But that fine silt Which keeps moving Depending on the wind current Feels impossible to keep up with …

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Self hatred Self deprication Self condemnation Self judgement Why does it happen? Why does it live inside you? You never asked for it You never wanted it When you were born You were pure And then you learned Over the years That you weren’t Perfect… Or acceptable… Far far far …

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