She was talking to her friend on Skype, well, was friend the right word? Yes, probably. Although, since they had met, an inexplicably strong magnetic pull seemed to have developed between them, drawing them towards each other, unperturbed by any resistance posed by circumstance.

Living in different states meant that their communication so far had been confined to sharing written and spoken words, but no physical touch, no dynamic visual interaction. They’d shared photos of course, but that really wasn’t quite the same. And that, is perhaps why the concept of Skype was so very appealing to her when he suggested it.

She’d never skyped with anyone before, and she felt both curious and excited to see how this unexplored medium might enhance or weaken the energy that seemed to be pulsing between them.

He guided her step by step through the process of setting it up on her Mac, yet it still took her a couple of (frustrating) days to work out how to even get her webcam working before she was finally ready to test it out. But ready she finally was.

She had been having a decadent Saturday morning; sleeping in, then staying in bed, eating chocolate for breakfast and drinking coffee, as she checked through her emails. As her eyes scanned down the list in her inbox, there it was, an email from him. She decided to read that one first, all the others could wait. His message was simple. Did she want to skype that morning? Not knowing if he would still be online, she hurriedly typed back ‘yes’, feeling a little ripple of excitement run through her at the prospect of adding this new adventure to her morning.

His reply was immediate. ‘Let’s do it now’. And as skype dialed his number, she looked at the small picture of herself in the bottom corner of the screen, framing it so that he wouldn’t see the mess on her bedside table, and hoping she’d got herself at a good angle. Then suddenly the larger screen was filled with a vision of him.

She loved being able to see him as he talked, to see his facial expressions, his body language, to see how he looked both when he was speaking, and when he paused. She’d enjoyed the rhythm of his speech when they’d talked on the phone. It was unhurried, punctuated with silence adding an extra dimension to his words, and now she could see this, as well as hear it, completing a picture which had already started forming in her mind.

They hadn’t exactly been shy with each other when it had come to their conversations and emails, talking about all sorts of things to do with relationships and sex, a subject they both found interesting. And on this particular morning the conversation quickly progressed to a discussion on voyeurism, not just watching others, but the concept of watching a lover, but not being able to touch them, as another form of sexual expression and interaction.

And when he then asked her if she’d like to give it a go she was only a little surprised at the suggestion. Not shocked, just intrigued and impressed at his forthright manner and lack of inhibitions in putting it out there. And she had to admit, it was the kind of idea that excited her. It was quirky, it was different, and that was definitely her style.

Initially she had actually believed he wouldn’t really do it, assuming he was probably only joking, teasing her a little, flirting with how far she might go. But when he positioned the webcam and started unbuckling his belt, she realized that he was definitely prepared to follow through on the promise.

Very impressive and gutsy, in more ways than one, she thought to herself as he finished unbuckling his belt, unzipped his jeans and presented her with a breathtaking eyeful of his cock. She watched in awe, – a combination of desire and delight, as he stroked his penis with an expert hand. She was mesmerized, unable to move as she watched in fascination.

Then he urged her to put down her coffee cup and join him, as he started to create a rich and vivid image, through the exposure and movements of his body, and his words, of what he’d like them to be doing if they were together.

When he told her he was imagining her down on her knees in front of him, lips caressing his cock, tongue teasing, she imagined him tangling his fingers in her hair, not forcing her head down, but moving with her as she sucked and teased him, and she started to touch herself too. She did not adjust her webcam, so what exactly she was doing to herself was out of shot to him, he was only privy to her facial expressions and the sounds he was eliciting from her as he told his story.

And she heard his breathing change, could he hear that hers had too?

She was joining with him through sight and sound, but not touch. And knowing that she couldn’t reach through the screen and wrap her hand around his cock, and lower her mouth onto him was creating a strong sexual tension in her body, a different kind of sexual desire to any she had experienced before. Unable to express herself the way she wanted to, and being deprived of the option of feeling his skin against hers, his hands and mouth touching her, and hers, him, she somehow still felt they were sharing some form of intense physical intimacy.

He continued to masturbate while talking to her, now changing the scene to one of her sitting on the edge of his bed, her legs over his shoulders, and with her legs parted like this, he told her about how he would start exploring her body. His mouth between her legs, tongue playing around the edge of her clitoris, first one finger, then two buried inside her, searching out her g-spot, and fucking her this way…

And as she lay on her bed and touched herself, the hand on her breast became his, not hers, and it was his fingers she felt slide inside her cunt; she could feel the warmth of his mouth and tongue between her legs. And she drifted, into this world of sensation, as the reality of the computer, and the distance between them faded away in her mind. His words, his voice, were creating the only reality she wanted right now.

They were watching each other, breathing together, as they stimulated themselves physically, and each other mentally. And she felt his release as she saw an ejaculatory fountain, beautiful to watch, hitting his computer screen. She felt his body relax, and a contentment wash over him.

She wanted to keep going, and join him, she was so close to her own climax, but suddenly the cold reality of the distance between them hit her, and a shyness set in. She tried to fight it, but somehow she’d been taken out of the fantasy world he had created with her, so she stopped. He asked her why, and she told him. He seemed to understand, and they talked some more as he cleaned his screen glowing with that special aura that only seems to be around people post orgasm. The conversation was easy and comfortable, light and happy, so that when they said goodbye and broke the connection, she was still feeling a notable sense of underlying arousal in her body, and an all encompassing feeling of wellbeing.

So, she closed her laptop, and still lying on her bed, she imagined the computer was still on, that the shyness had dissipated, and that he was still with her. She thought about what she wanted to show him; how the webcam would be positioned, how she would be framed, how it would look as she took off her top, one hand touching her breasts, the other sliding inside her knickers.

Her cunt felt hot and slick as her fingers slid between her legs. And using the memory he had given her of watching him masturbate to his climax, and the vivid fantasy he’d created with his words, of what he’d imagined them doing together, she also acted it out, in her own mind, and with her own body, until she came to her own beautiful, natural conclusion.

Afterwards, she lay there, still feeling a little stunned. What a fucking brilliant way to finish off her morning of decadence she thought, as she smiled to herself. The only thing she felt slightly bad about was the fact that she had been unable to share her full experience with him. But then, maybe there would be another opportunity…

– Judi Reed, 2012