‘For mites and ticks, oral sex is not a hoped-for part of foreplay, but an essential ingredient in ensuring a successful sexual encounter.’

‘In some mite species [in order for intercourse to be possible], the male inserts and withdraws his mouthparts repeatedly. In others he moves them back and forth in her vagina, sometimes rubbing there for hours at a time, as if feeding. Gradually under the weight of this oral onslaught, the female’s genitals start to swell. Only then does the male produce a spermatophore from his own genital opening, and only then, after much stimulation, will the female’s vagina be ready to have his sperm package inserted into her. ‘

– Catherine Blackerledge, The Story of V: A natural history of female sexuality, 2003.

So…..if you find yourself stuck for a conversation starter this weekend, perhaps try sharing this bit of trivia, I’m pretty sure no-one else will beat you to it!

– Judi Reed, 2012