It was time, Ben and Sandra decided, to take the plunge.

And their two month anniversary seemed as good a time as any. Two months of fun flirty frolicking, full of partying, and late night pizza, followed by plenty of romping in bed. They knew by now they were good together, in fact, more than good. They were sensational, their high energy and passion for pleasure matched perfectly.

So, yes, perhaps it was time to settle down…and try spending a whole night in, just the two of them.

Domestic activities had not been high on their list of priorities so far. Once, they had attempted to cook scrambled eggs in the morning after a big night out instead of making a beeline for the nearest café, as had become their habit. But that had just ended up in eggs on the floor and rampant sex on the kitchen table instead, and there ended their attempts at any form of domesticity.

But they decided, now was the time to buck the system, and agreed that in celebration of their two month anniversary they would stay in and share a special home cooked dinner. He would cook for her he declared. And not being keen on cooking, or very good at it, she concurred and offered to provide the liquid refreshments.

Sandra bought several bottles with her; it was a night of celebration after all. And they popped the cork of the first bottle of bubbly as soon as she arrived. After a quick toast to their milestone she perched herself on a stool, drinking her bubbly, and settled in to watch him cook.

He wouldn’t tell her exactly what it was he was making – he wanted it to be a surprise he told her, and Sandra was perfectly happy with this – as long as she didn’t have to cook she didn’t mind what it was, and besides, she was more interested in the fact that the dish seemed to involve lots of preparation and stirring at the stove, with his back to her most of the time.

Sandra watched and chatted while Ben cooked. Feasting her eyes on his back view…he really did have a great arse she reflected…. enjoying this domestic scene more and more….

After a couple of glasses of bubbly had gone down, the view became too enticing to resist any longer, and she quietly slipped off her stool, sneaking up behind him to caress his arse with one hand, sliding the other around his waist and dropping a kiss on the side of his neck.

‘Hey, cut it out’ he said, in a serious tone, but she could hear the smile in his voice. ‘I have to focus on what I’m doing you know.’

‘Okay, okay, I know, but you just look so gorgeous…’ she said. ‘But, I’ll leave you alone if you really want me too…’

Quickly glancing over his shoulder he smiled, saying ‘hold that thought for later baby, I’m definitely going to collect on that offer, but for now, I’ve got a special dinner to cook.’

So Sandra dutifully retreated to her seat. It was his kitchen and he was playing chef for the evening, so she’d better follow his rules she figured, but it wasn’t going to stop her continuing to admire the view…

The meal was good; the food tasty, the wine divine, a bit of playful touching under the table, and conversation filled with double entendre.

‘Mmmm’ perfect she said, settling back contentedly in her chair after they’d finished. ‘What do you think we should do now?’ She asked him seductively.

His reply wasn’t exactly what she had in mind though – ‘Well, you can wash the dishes, while I choose a DVD to watch, this is meant to be a domestic night in after all…’

You’re joking aren’t you?’ she looked at him in shock, ‘the only way you’ll get me to do the dishes right now is if you fuck me while I’m doing them you know’

He laughed, ‘Go on, off you go, get too it. I’m going to choose a DVD’

She shot him an incredulous look; this was so far from what she had anticipated, that she didn’t even know what to say. So, grumbling, she stacked the plates and headed for the kitchen. It was only fair she supposed, he had cooked, she probably should wash up, but why couldn’t the dishes wait until morning she lamented.

So she went ahead and filled the sink with water and bubbles and slipped the washing up gloves on while listening to him rummage around in his DVD collection. But she really wasn’t satisfied; after watching him cook, and having to keep her hands off him, and then the titillating conversation over the meal, the touches under the table, she just couldn’t bring herself to get focussed on doing the dishes, she just wanted him to fuck her, then and there, and indeed, why shouldn’t he? There were no rules against that as far as she was aware…

‘So placing the glass she had been washing in the drainer, she called out to him, ‘come on, where are you? I said I’d only do the dishes if you fucked me at the same time you know, and I meant it’

There was a brief moment of silence in reply, then footsteps, before his face appeared around the doorway, ‘really? You really want me to fuck you while you do the dishes?’ He questioned smiling at her.

‘Yep, absolutely, I’m serious, come and fuck me, a deals a deal’

‘Ok’ he said coming up behind her, ‘whatever you want babe’, momentarily sinking to his knees to slip his hands under the hem of her long skirt, then started sliding them slowly up her calves and outer thighs, drawing the fabric up with him, until it was bunched up at the back, exposing her arse in a black g string.

‘So, you really want me to fuck you while you do the dishes then?’ He whispered in her ear, as one hand slid around her hip, over the front of her knickers to gently started stroking her.

He heard a sharp intake of breath as she stopped scrubbing, and whispered ‘’yes please.’

‘Well don’t stop scrubbing then’ he said, ‘you’re meant to be doing the dishes remember, and a deals a deal.’

‘Okay’, she replied obediently as she started washing the pan in her hand again, trying to focus on the task as she felt his fingers slide inside her knickers. They were warm and gentle as they started exploring in earnest now, ducking inside to feel her moist heat, then coming back out to give her clitoris more attention. Meanwhile, his other hand was clutching her hip and she could feel his groin pressing into her arse.

Her breathing became unsteady, as she felt her body flood with heat, and her legs start to feel a little weak. Unconsciously she stopped what she was doing, instead, planting her washing up gloved hands, in the soapy water, bracing them on the bottom of the sink to try and keep herself steady and standing.

‘Oh no, you’re not going to get out of it that easily’ he breathed in her ear, ‘keep going, otherwise I’ll have to stop…’

‘You fucking bastard’ she said under her breath, ‘you don’t really expect me to finish the dishes now do you?’

‘Oh yes, a deals a deal and I like the sound of you scrubbing the pan.’ He murmured, moving his mouth away from her ear to start nibbling on her neck.

Not knowing what else to do, she picked up the pan and made a token effort to scrub it again. She wasn’t sure how well she was cleaning it, but at least she was getting the sound right.

‘Mmm, that’s good baby’ he murmured into her neck as he slipped his hand back out from under her knickers and moved it upward to cup her breast.

She momentarily missed the feeling of his fingers on her clitoris, but as she felt the pressure of him from behind, pushing her hips forward slightly, she found herself wedged up against the bench, making her jump slightly as she felt a cool, hard, curved pressure where his fingers had been. She’d not noticed before – and why would she have, but the smooth curved metal handle of the cupboard under the sink was at the perfect height to rub against her clitoris. It felt different, a new sensation, and she liked it. The handle providing a firm pressure for her to move against, as she felt his cock filling her from behind… one hand kneading her breast, the other clutching her hip, and his mouth biting and sucking her neck. So many different sensations, in different parts of her body all at the same time…

She couldn’t think about the dishes anymore, she couldn’t think about anything anymore as she kept repeating ‘oh god, please don’t stop’ and felt the flush on her body as her climax grew closer.

He didn’t tell her to keep washing the dishes this time though, just as much lost in the moment as she was. He was breathing in her ear now, ‘oh baby’ that feels so good’

And hands, still buried in the soapy water, she sighed as she felt her legs go weak. ‘I’ve got you baby’ he whispered ‘keep going’, orgasming almost the instant the words were out of his mouth, with her clitoris pressed against the curved handle, gloved hands buried in soapy water, and him thrusting inside her.

Both breathing hard now, she said ‘Oh my god, my legs won’t hold me anymore’, as she felt him orgasm too. Legs giving way then, they eased their way to the floor together. ‘ What the fuck happened there?’ she said in a dazed voice.

‘Well’, he said, ‘I was fucking you while you were doing the dishes, that was what you asked me to do…’

‘I know, I didn’t think you’d really do it, but it was amazing, and the handle too…’ she said incredulously, looking over at the innocent piece of curved metal, ‘wow!’ some good teamwork there’ she laughed.

Then realizing she still had the dripping washing up gloves on she remarked in a dreamy voice ‘oh but I didn’t actually finish the dishes, sorry about that babe… And my legs are still feeling too weak to stand up right now…’

‘Awww, you’re just trying to get out of doing them now, aren’t you? He teased affectionately. ‘OK OK, you win, you go and sit down and look after your poor trembling legs, and I’ll finish them for you…’

Not arguing, she followed his instruction. Perhaps this domesticity thing is alright after all she thought to herself as she curled up on the couch, listening to him scrub up the pan that she’d left covered in suds in the sink…