Yes indeed, this one gets a 5 star rating for sure! It really is what it says it is – An Expert Guide to Female Orgasms. But this is not just a clinical and physiological approach. Sure, it has plenty of information about that side of thing; how the female body builds up to orgasms; and the stages, and the variations along way, during pre orgasm stimulation, orgasm, and afterwards. But it also has, what I believe to be an even stronger educational component than this. Because Tristan actually talks to real people – real women about their experiences of orgasm and real men about how they experience and participate in the different facets and experiences that are women’s orgasms.

And it was this REAL quality that grabbed my attention the most, when watching. It’s not an opportunity most people have in their day to day, or sexual lives, to hear about, and see, the wide variability in the type of stimuli and length of time different women respond to best during the buildup to a climax and how these can vary depending on the circumstances and stimuli; be it self stimulation, or with a partner or partners, and how it feels to experience orgasm. It’s refreshing to see this aspect highlighted, and a feature, which I feel, is beneficial for both men and women to hear about, and watch (as one can do in the clips at the end of the DVD).

So, if you want to explore your orgasmic potential, or that of your partner, this is perfect, for deepening your understanding of both your own and other peoples experiences, and for providing the opportunity to hear frank and open discourse about this subject, which, lets face it, is a pretty darn important one. Women’s orgasms have been ignored as an important experience and constrained by different myths and societal expectations of what they should or shouldn’t look like, how they should or shouldn’t be achieved, and how they should or shouldn’t feel. And this DVD strips away all of that, leaving you with the beauty (and potential) beneath.

– Judi Reed, 2012