Soft cool petals
slight tickle
on the skin

You can’t escape
(not that you want to)

Senses engulfed
In the bliss
Of a moment

A moment where
You disappear
To a different place

It could be a tropical paradise
A laneway
Your bedroom
On a train
Up against a wall
In front of an audience
In the bush
In a spa…

A moment
Where you are taken
Just where you need to go.

The tools?
And, maybe, a few simple props.

Then it’s yours.

Excuse me while I return
To my tropical island
(that’s my place of choice today)
Where I’m being massaged with flower petals
And drinking cocktails…
Surrounded by lush green plants
And fragrant blooms….

Wish I could stick around
To talk about the pheromones
That also assail my senses…
But my place, is calling out to me.
In the sweetest, most seductive voice.

-Judi Reed, 2015