Twisting, turning
Make sense
Just for a minute
Then disappear into the ether

Over and over and over
Where’s that butterfly catcher gone?

But these thoughts
Resisted being caught
Haunting dreams
Haunting meditation
Haunting life

The stories not complete yet
They said
Time and time again
There are more of us
Pivotal ones
That you haven’t seen yet

The story won’t be complete
Until you acknowledge those
And you’re ready to strip yourself bare

Only now,
Is it time to write
Only now
Can you make that space
Commit to the story

Four days on your own
In tranquility
In Solitude
Sleepless nights
Those good feverish ones
That don’t matter
And it will be done

And if you can’t get that
Work with what you can
It will be harder
Take longer
Feel more laborious
But the story
(well this particular one anyway)
That needs to be written
Will happen

– Judi Reed, 2015