I want
You to order me
To take off my knickers

I want
You to lie back,
Instruct me
To straddle your face
Your waiting mouth

Skirt hitched up
Stockings and boots still on
As I lower my cunt
Onto your anxious mouth

I want
To feel your hair tickling my thighs
Your hands on my buttocks
Positioning me …
Just how you want me

As I hold onto the bed head
talking an undecipherable language
So fucking good
Sooooo fucking good

And then I want…
When I’m dizzy and trembling
To slide down your body
Undo your belt
And your pants

And I want
To reach for your cock
Hold it in my hand
As I lower my cunt onto you
Feel you filling me

But I want more…
I’m going to ride you
Jockey style
As deep, as hard
And as fast
As I want

Until neither of us can take it
That’s what I want my lover

Right now.

– Judi Reed, 2014