I have a magic curtain at my place. The curtain itself probably isn’t really magic at all, but I still like to call it my magic curtain. You see, behind that curtain, it seems that anyone can transform into anything they want to be.

It is made of deep, rich, thick red velvet and it covers a little alcove. I think it’s meant to be a space for storing coats or some such thing. But that’s not what I use if for.

I discovered it by chance when I was house hunting. And, if the truth be told, as soon as I saw that curtain and the secret little space behind it, my imagination went into overdrive thinking about all the possibilities of what that special little space could be used for, and it was a prime motivator for me wanting to move in there.

When I did eventually move into the house I took a closer look at this special space, and sure enough there was a rail along the top for hanging coats. I definitely was not going to hang coats in there, but I did end up putting the rail to good use.

Instead, I used it to hang all sorts of different outfits and accoutrements. So that if I feel like having a bit of fun, I can go behind the curtain and switch into a multitude of exciting and enticing roles, wherever my imagination and fantasies want to take me. I can be a nurse, a circus performer who can pull off the most titillating tricks, a femme fatale, a police women, a demure housewife, a can-can dancer, a French maid, a dominatrix, a teacher…the list goes on…I can become whoever I want behind my curtain.

I’ve kept the magic curtain a secret from most of the men I’ve gone out with though. Those special adventures are to be saved for the select few whose imaginations are as fertile as mine, and who I know will embrace the fun of temporarily transforming and stepping into a different world.

I remember the first time I revealed the magic of my curtain and alcove to someone. He, of course, didn’t know about the specialness of this space. He’d seen the curtain, and commented on how cool it was, but had never looked behind it, so I guess he presumed, just like everyone did, that it was just a regular storage space.

Like me though, he shared a sense of adventure and a fondness for the offbeat, so I was pretty sure he’d love the excitement and fun of role playing just as much as I did.

I prepared well for the scene I had in mind. I bought a collection of soft, fake fur, animal print cushions, a few soft toy lions, tigers and monkeys, and a luxuriously thick, green, shag pile rug to put over my mushroom coloured carpet (it was meant to simulate grass). And I even dragged some of my potted palms in from outside to create a jungle in my living room.

When he walked in, I saw a fleeting look surprise cross his face, but it was quickly replaced by a knowing smile. He knew me well enough by then not to be shocked by anything I did or came out with. That adventurous, inquisitive and curious part of both of our natures, and the shared desire to explore and experience new things, was why we had bonded so well together in the first place.

So, what do you want to do tonight he asked? A smile playing on his lips, I could see he was working it out…

‘Thought we might stay in I said’ crossing the room and pressing play on my ipad dock, filling the room with the sound of jungle drumming.

’Okay’ he said slowly and sank down onto a pile of cushions, waiting to see what was coming next.

‘Won’t be a moment’ I said as I slipped behind my curtain, emerging a few minutes later wearing an outfit consisting of two scraps of pink and black leopard print fabric, one part made a skimpy halter neck top and the other, an equally skimpy skirt.

‘Me Jane, you Tarzan?’ I questioned playfully.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. ‘Oh yeah’ he said jumping up throwing off his T shirt and shucking off his jeans with such a sense of urgency that he nearly tripped over one of the potted palms I had dotted around the room for extra atmosphere.

I hadn’t had the forethought to get my hands on a loincloth for my Tarzan, but we managed to improvise quite well. And then we frolicked in my lounge room jungle, pretending to swing off vines and playing childish games of hide and seek, and catch me if you can.

It was after a particularly strenuous round of this that Tarzan finally caught me. Grabbing me around the waist, hand sliding up under my halter neck top, brushing the underside of my breast.

‘Oh, Jane’ he said.

‘Tarzan, what are you doing? I asked innocently.

‘Well Jane’, he explained. ‘If you want to come and play in my jungle, there’s an initiation process you have to go through, so I can be sure you’re the perfect playmate for me. Then you can be a true jungle woman’.

‘Tarzan, I, I, don’t understand’ I stuttered ‘but I’d really like to be a true jungle woman’ I said with a cheeky smile on my face.

‘Don’t worry Jane, you will soon understand’ he said, as he bent down and kissed my neck, hand moving up to cover my breast, thumb teasing my nipple, while his other hand slid up under my short skirt, between my legs, fingers sliding inside me.

‘Oh Jane’ he said, ‘you are already so wet, this, is what I was talking about’, he said as he started sliding his fingers in and out, ‘I’m going to make you my jungle woman’

‘But Tarzan, I’ve never done anything like this before’ I said.

‘Don’t you worry Jane, I’ll show you just what to do’ he replied, taking my hand and wrapping it around his erect cock, poking its head out from under the makeshift loincloth.

‘My goodness Tarzan’, I said, eyes widening with surprise, ‘you’re so big!’.

‘Don’t worry Jane, I’ll be gentle’ he said, with a wicked glint in his eyes.

And with the jungle drums beating in the background, and an array of soft toy jungle animals looking on, he lowered me down onto my soft green carpet of grass, cushions scattered all around, and made me Jane – Queen of the jungle – several times over.

– Judi Reed, 2012