She searched for the truth She needed The truth she suspected He wasn’t giving her She found one piece Nestled in her lingerie draw Another in an inscription in a book One in the cloudy night sky Two in a bottle of wine One piece on an aeroplane And several …

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A Ball of Complexity

A ball of complexity Tightly wound and tangled Containing history. Experiences of, anxiety, pain, fear. Achievements, hopes, dreams, happiness. And a thousand new beginnings. You will find those in the places where the thread was weakened or broken, then knotted back together to create a different kind of strength. With …

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erotic short storiesErotica


Life is full of complications. Something, which our two lovers were acutely aware of. For it was because of a multitude of complications that they had been kept apart. Outside forces had consistently and insidiously worked to prevent them from expressing to each other the way they truly felt, and …

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