I remember

I remember The fear The threats The psychological warfare I even remember Suicidal messages Which prompted me From care for human life To attend, and check, and make sure Everything was alright. I remember How that came back to Bite me in court When I was accused of unlawful entry …

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Pitter patter

Sitting in the rain Watching as the drops Dapple Then completely cover The ground And myself The swirling words That I haven’t been able to align Start to fall Perfectly into place Answers So simple So basic So honest So straightforward Emerge As the noise is washed away. Too late …

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No, you don’t have to be Stoic Although, it Makes it easier for everyone Stoic says, You’re rational You didn’t let your emotions get involved You didn’t feel anything Beyond a certain point Stoic Is a way out Stoic Doesn’t work all the time Sometimes, Stoic Just doesn’t cut it. …

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