I had a lover once, although he wasn’t my lover when this happened, but we became so afterwards. We were friends though, and there was an attraction between us, which is why, I imagine, I had this experience.

He was a writer, and he sent me a poem. The words were not sexual in nature, it was a short poem, the meaning was ambiguous, and it could have been interpreted in many ways. To this day I still don’t know what his intention and feelings behind the words were, or why he chose to send them to me at that point in time. But it stimulated my mind, and tapped into something within me, perhaps on an unconscious level, the attraction we felt towards each other that had not been actualized.

I found this poem highly emotive, and this emotion spread to create an intense physical sensation, an arousal. This arousal became more powerful and transmuted into a potent sexual response. It was so overwhelming that it eventually completely distracted me from whatever mundane task I was doing at the time, and I felt an urgency to follow what my body was telling me it needed and wanted.

So I lay down on my bed, engulfed by sensation, a little shaky, and completely consumed by what was happening in my body. And I masturbated, thinking about those words and the feelings they had evoked, taking me to one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I have ever experienced.

The afterglow of this climax lingered for a long time afterwards and I could not concentrate on anything, I was so distracted by the feelings, and actions, this chain of events had induced.

I emailed him to tell him what I’d done, as I thought he would like to know how those words had affected me, although I was concerned he might have felt ‘used’, as I’m sure he hadn’t predicted they would be the impetus for such an extraordinary sexual experience. But, fortunately he was actually rather pleased to hear about my unusual experience, and also very surprised, confirming for me that the intent of sending me the poem, was something quite different to the way I responded.

We did become lovers shortly after this, and I felt the same intensity when we were physically together as I had felt after reading those words he had so innocently sent through to me that day.

-Judi Reed, 2012