‘nothin, means somethin, often more, because the somethin, is frequently more constructed than the nothin (but nothin’s can be constructed too, and often are – caps lock not working on my puter so insert end bracket here. a nothin says more, and thank goodness for that at least, in the absence of overt constructed words – it still drags things out, because of the silence, but at least you know what that means. and at least, in some way it gives you honesty, even if the person can’t voice it. Unfortunately many people read a somethin, into the nothin.

and I was a pro at that during my marriage, and prior and since, however, eventually one realises, a nothin is just that, a nothin, because no matter how it’s dressed up, that’s just the way it is, and silence speaks more fluidly than words sometimes, and you know you’re not worth the quality, genuine, words’

– Judi reed, 2016