Okay, now there are many many things I like in this world, but two that are very high on the list are luxury, and unique experiences, and these were both priorities for me when I started researching accommodation (another one of my favorite activities) for my most recent trip to Adelaide. The Playford was one of the first sites I looked at and I had an immediate feeling of ‘this is the one’ but I still researched further just by way of comparison. However, as with accommodation in general and I’m talking throughout the spectrum, I’ve stayed at grungy $25 a night places in the heart of Chinatown in Malaysia right through to 5 star resorts, the vast majority of places have a generic feel, it doesn’t make them bad, some people like that, but I like to have experiences when I travel, and that includes where I’m staying.

So, after my research was completed, I was left in no doubt that the Playford was the place I wanted to spend time with my partner on my short trip. The pictures I had seen, and the information I had read, lead me to have very high expectations of this one, expectations that were not only met, but exceeded on all levels.

From the moment I pulled up in my taxi and saw the external façade I felt that little tingle of excitement, it definitely has that wow factor, and while walking through the bar to reach reception (there is a side entrance if you don’t want to walk through the bar) the smile on my face just got bigger and bigger.

But once I hit reception, this is where I really started to see why this hotel is definitely a cut above the rest. The staff are delightful, very friendly, very real, and genuinely want to see their customers happy. I experienced a warmth from all the people I dealt with, which again is rare – good service is good service, but genuine warmth and care from staff is not so easy to find.

I had made a particular request in relation to the room we would stay in when I had booked, not knowing if this would be possible, but they thoughtfully accommodated for this in my room allocation, which I was most appreciative of. And here’s a little tip if you book a stay at this fine establishment – Room 215 is like some kind of nirvana, I’d highly recommend requesting this one if you are visiting – well unless I’m going to be in town at the same time, in which case we’ll have to play rock paper scissors to see who gets it!

All of the rooms, and the variety of accommodation from the basic guest rooms, to loft suites are divine and sumptuous, and room 215 gave me exactly what I needed and wanted; it was light, beautifully decorated, and importantly to me, it had a large glass sliding door at the back which opened out onto a beautiful and peaceful courtyard, with lush greenery and a fountain, which meant as well as enjoying the room, I could also sit outside, peacefully, doing my Zen reflections and the like with a cup of coffee or a gin.

The room amenities were top quality, and all had a very ecofriendly feel – right down to the type of toiletries provided, and the beautifully tiled floor which is particularly good for people who may have allergies, in addition, there is also an extensive pillow menu, for both comfort and allergy reasons – I love lots of pillows, so this was kind of exciting for me, perhaps more than most.

I had previously read about the Playford’s highly acclaimed restaurant and buffet breakfast, and I must confess, despite having every intention of checking these out, my partner and I were enjoying our beautiful little haven so much, that we ended up going for the lounging around in bathrobes and making the most of room service option.

And Oh My Goodness, this was some of the most superb food I’ve eaten – and the sparkling wine we ordered to accompany it was divine (I can’t remember the name unfortunately as my partner selected it) – but it was good! If anyone heard our sighs of delight and moans of enjoyment when sampling what the room service menu had to offer, they could have been forgiven for thinking we were up to something else other than eating.

Which brings me to my next key point as to why this goes down as one of my top choices of places to stay – the feeling of seclusion, privacy, and quiet. Rarely in a city hotel can you actually feel like you are NOT staying in a busy hotel in the city regardless of soundproofing etc. But somehow the Playford has achieved this, the room was quiet, and there wasn’t even any street noise while enjoying the courtyard, making it possible to feel like you were spending time in a private haven, but if you needed anything or wanted to go out for any reason all you needed to do was step out the front door.

All of these elements, and I’ve really just scraped the surface here, gave me exactly what I wanted, needed and was looking for on this trip. Leaving me feeling relaxed, reenergized and totally pampered.

I would like to thank all of the staff at the Playford for a wonderful stay. They were unaware I was doing a review, so all my experiences were what any guest would experience, and I only spoke with them about the review on my last day to request if I may use some of their photo’s as part of this review, which they happily and efficiently provided. So have a browse below to get a little taste of what I’m talking about. Because this place definitely comes with a big Judi Reed gold stamp of approval.

– Judi Reed, 2015

The stunning, and super comfortable lounge bar

The stunning, and super comfortable lounge bar

Very similar to the beautiful room 215, actually looking at the angle to the courtyard, I'd say this room was right next door

Very similar to the beautiful room 215, actually looking at the angle to the courtyard, I’d say this room was right next door

With an entrance like this, you know you're in for something special

With an entrance like this, you know you’re in for something special