Now what
Kate Middleton is wearing
Isn’t usually an interest of mine

In fact
I Normally wouldn’t give a toss what she wears
She could run around starkers for all I care
But things coming up on my newsfeed
Sometimes force it down my throat
Kate Middleton looks regal in red
Or something like that.

And, that did
Get me thinking

A woman wearing red is regal
In the upper echelons
But what about those branded scarlet women
A term first used in
Revelations 17.5
Where women dressed in red
Symbolized loose or immoral women
Garish women
A concept that still holds today
Although you don’t have to wear red
These days
To be branded a scarlet woman

Being a scarlet woman means
You are stained
You are dirty
Branded by
And such

Yet when Kate Middleton wears it
It is considered regal

Red should be red
Regardless of who you are
Regardless of your birthright
Yet these concepts of regality
And the polar opposite
The Scarlet Woman
Still exist today.

I wonder what Kate Middleton things about that?
I wonder if she ever wants to throw off the shackles
Of being regal
And instead be wild and free
To wear red in whatever way she chooses
For a little while.

– Judi Reed, 2016