Constantly sifting.
As I work,
winds blow and the particles keep moving
And I don’t know
What I’ve already explored
As my surroundings keep changing

Micro inspecting
Is exhausting enough
But that fine silt
Which keeps moving
Depending on the wind current
Feels impossible to keep up with

So I keep sifting
Feeling like I’ve done this mound before
I have already checked it
Haven’t I?
I’ve already discarded
The remnants I don’t want to let through the holes
Haven’t I?

I don’t know, I don’t know
All I know
Is I’m tired
And I get angry with myself
For not keeping sharper eyes
For allowing the particles with jagged edges
That tear at me
Try and cut pieces out of me
Onto my beach
My tranquil beach
Where I want to rest
On my soft sand
And bask
In my sun

And build my home

– Judi Reed, 2014