OK, caveat, before I start writing…I am on my last glass of a bottle of this fine drop as I write, which is very very pleasant for me :-) Price: I got it for $9.99 through Naked Wines Australia so I don’t know if it’s available in regular shops. But I like it! A lot (and Naked Wines have a great philosophy! It is very easy drinking; not too heavy, not too light, or, as goldilocks would say…it’s just right. And the thing I really liked about it also (and this is just a quirky Judi thing), but, when I popped the cork, which I normally do with great care, as one doesn’t want to waste good alcohol…this is the first sparkling wine that has done that kind of loud pop, and overflowing with white bubbles thing, while still being able to get it in the glass. So, definitely jolly good for celebrations (particularly if you don’t like wasting alcohol!) and a tasty drop to boot! Oh, and also, I was suffering a very bad headache when I opened it – which heavy painkillers couldn’t touch, but this actually reduced my headache, rather than magnifying it as you would expect with most alcohol. So, in conclusion: Magic Sparkling Wine (which may have secret medicinal powers)!

Judi Reed, 2015