No, you don’t have to be
Although, it
Makes it easier for everyone
Stoic says,
You’re rational
You didn’t let your emotions get involved
You didn’t feel anything
Beyond a certain point

Is a way out

Doesn’t work all the time

Just doesn’t cut it.

You know why
They know why
But you both know
That you’re meant to be stoic

You’re meant to harden yourself
You’re meant not to have cared.
Well too much anyway….
Only to the point that is convenient.
But stoicism doesn’t work like that.

when you care
you care
and being stoic
flies well and truly
out that open window
where you know you were meant to go

And you know
Not to expect anything back
But somehow, you came to a point
Where you did.
And then
You should have been stoic
Stick to the agreement
Remain rigid amid mixed messages

If you can’t do that
Then you’ve fucked up
And how fucked is that?

I’m sure I’ll get it one day
But I still don’t now.
I don’t want to have to be
All the time
I want to be allowed to relax
Into myself
And share that.

But then that’s where I
Fuck up

It’s time for a cigarette

– Judi Reed, 2016