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A single Inocuous Stroke down the arm Just in passing That happens all the time But this time It caused a tingle A feeling A reaction I’d almost forgotten Usually tactile defensive I don’t like uninvited touch It doesn’t affect me badly (well not usually, unless it’s someone that makes …

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Tender affection

Brushing the hair Out of your eyes A gentle stroke, On the shoulder Forehead Thigh Anywhere really… Letting someone cry Holding and being held The looks that say You’re ok It doesn’t matter You mean something. To me. Not being judged Just being loved And cared about Soothes Tired, and …

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Back into my own space My own body Some things don’t fit anymore And that is good Like trying on new clothes You know, if it works or not. And some parts I slip back into Perfectly So comfortably Perhaps, Fitting better than they ever have before Like the old …

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