A single
Stroke down the arm
Just in passing

That happens all the time
But this time
It caused a tingle
A feeling
A reaction
I’d almost forgotten

Usually tactile defensive
I don’t like uninvited touch
It doesn’t affect me badly
(well not usually, unless it’s someone that makes me cringe)
But I also don’t feel anything

But rarely
A specific touch
From a specific person
Totally unexpected
Ignites a spontaneous feeling
That you don’t know what to do with

The tingle doesn’t just happen
In the place that’s been touched
It moves through you
Rendering you unable to think
For a few seconds
The electricity
Switches your brain off
And sensation
Is your master

Those unexpected moments
That fire something in you
That you weren’t looking for
Weren’t expecting
And don’t even know if the giver of touch
Or intended, or hoped for
Such a reaction

Are magic
Just for the moments they are
Reminds us we’re alive.

– Judi Reed, 2015