Now, I must admit, this was something I did not know about, but as a lifelong learner I was keen to explore what it might mean. My fascination was not prompted by having an interesting conversation with someone where they revealed this as their thing or anything, nor did it fit with any specific fetish that I was aware of, although as I often say to people, there is pretty much a fetish for everything….But no, my research was not prompted for any of these (logical) reasons…It was purely and simply sparked by a typo I made in correspondence with someone where autocorrect changed my term vag sex to bag sex.This lead, no doubt confusion on the recipients of the messages part, but much hilarity from me when I discovered it.

But, as I like to understand things, it was a natural compulsion to explore the term ‘bag sex’. Prior to research I imagined it might be linked with an autoerotic asphyxiation type scene, a la the super sexy Michael Hutchence from INXS losing his life (not that he used a bag method), through autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong.

However, despite my theories, and preliminary research, the term bag sex refers only to the simple supply of the provision of a bag of sex toys… I’m sure one day it will come to mean more than that, but at present, I have to conclude, the term is only a product of autocorrect and/or my hitting the B key instead of the V key when I was messaging this person.

My imagination however, is afire about the possibilities of what bag sex could mean – like in the old days when I was a tad more financially liquid than I am now – buying an Oroton bag (always heavily discounted because bargain hunting is my thing), would give me some kind of unique buzz, but despite the unique excitement these thing bought, it was not sexual, where I wanted to rub myself up against the bag and orgasm or anything. But perhaps bag sex can be a legitimate term…Because I know, when there’s a huge lack of intimacy or eroticism in your life for whatever reason. Sometimes the purchase of such things like a beautifully crafted leather bag, can give you a feeling of something good, even if it is a substandard feeling to what you want and need.

Right, I’m going to go and check as to whether I can register ‘bag sex’ as a thing on the urban dictionary…’viva le sac’ I say, in whatever connotation it takes for you (or indeed, even if it’s a typo).

-Judi Reed, 2017