In those quiet times
When your mind is your own
And you can’t reach any external
to justify what you want to believe
Do you ever
Ask yourself
What have you really won?

A victory, yes
But are they all equal?
Emotional blackmail
Twisting of the truth
all attempts to stifle free will
What value can a win like that
ever really have?
And what is the cost?

Do you ever ask yourself
Was it worth it?
And was it right?
To trample those in your path
Into the mud beneath your feet
To demonstrate the power
You could wield
Ensuring you could raise your fist
in the air
displaying to the world
the scalps you so cleverly claimed

Is that winning,
Or something else?
Do you ever ask yourself
Did it really bring you what you wanted
0r did it just buy you the illusion
That you hadn’t lost?

Did it bring you
The rewards:
The confidence
The security
The satisfaction
The freedom
You were seeking?

Do you ever ask yourself?
In those quiet moments
Whether you really won at all?

Judi Reed, 2013